Monday, June 2, 2008

25th Post-iversary!

Welcome to my 25th Post-iversary! Since this is not a blog that literally documents my everyday life, nor does it spout off on hot topics or speak negatively about others - feel free to roam through my archives. Many of my posts contain ponderings that are poignant regardless of when I wrote them. Here's my personal Top 10 of the 25 posts, so far:

1) 50 First Dates - posted 12/5/07
2) Thing of Beauty - posted 12/8/07
3) Kirsty MacColl - posted 12/9/07
4) All Summer in a Day - posted 12/12/07
5) Sound of Music - posted 12/30/08
6) The Logical Song - posted 1/6/08
7) Humanity - posted 1/25/08
8) Reign Over Me - posted 1/27/08
9) U23D4ME - posted 2/10/08
10) Over the Rhine - posted 5/25/08

Thanks for pondering the Truth and Grace in everything with me!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


There's a great commercial for the cable company that shows 2 bored guys on an undercover stake-out discussing the great ideas they've come up while on stake-outs. Of course one of them is something that the cable company is now providing, so they end it with "Well, we still got spynoculars, right?" I have a couple of restaurant ideas that, if someone else puts them into action before I do... I'll get crackin' on those spynoculars. If anyone reading this wants to help me make these two ideas a reality, please leave your comments on this blog. Here they are:

Good to Go- a drive through restaurant that offers ONLY healthy food that meet the following criteria: contains NO high fructose corn syrup, uses only whole grain bread products, ingredients bought locally as much as possible, at least 3 low sodium choices, organic as much as possible.

Peacemeal- a upper scale or gourmet restaurant that publicizes and donates a large portion of profits to various not-for-profit organizations that positively impact the local community and/or world on a rotating basis. Possibility of having visiting celebrity chefs to raise even more awareness for specific causes. This restaurant would operate on reservations only with just a few pre fixe menu options to choose from.

These are just a couple of my many ideas of ways to infuse good stuff into society. I also have writing/screenplay ideas and a marketing idea for a thermal bag just big enough for a pint of ice-cream with a lock on it for those people who live with ice cream mooches (thus keeping the peace in many a home). But then again...there's always the spynoculars.