Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Second that Emotion

A few days ago I was feeling extra emotional about something and needed a friend to talk me through the intensity of the moment. Nothing to love and be loved stuff.  The friend who came to my aid is one of my closest friends. We talk and pray each other through lots of life. In her efforts to tell me everything would work out, she said, "You are a very emotional person."  I literally cringed.  She meant it in the best way possible. Why do I feel the need to add that disclaimer?  Why is being emotional so frowned upon in society?  

I was writing in my prayer journal about this question.  I find myself wanting to be defensive about my emotions- explain them rationally.  Then I remembered that I am created in God's image and that God, the almighty and holy God, is an emotional being.  The Bible is full of examples of His wide range of emotions.  He is famous for His intense love.  Love that is so over the top that He sent His beloved Son to be born physically into the world He created in order to share Himself intimately with all of humanity.  Not only that, but His beloved Son died a tortuous death to atone for our darkness and create direct access to His Holy Love. And He didn't let His Greatest Act of Love remain in the grave.  His Love ascended from the physical world and is still alive- knowable and soulfully tangible to anyone who reaches for Him. 
That is the beauty of God's perfect truth and grace.  
That is the ultimate demonstration an intense emotion.  
And I second that emotion. 

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